Norman Gall

Executive Director

American, naturalized Brazilian, graduated in Journalism from New York University. He has been a Latin American researcher since 1961 and is the founder and executive director of the Fernando Braudel Institute. His work has already been published in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, The Economist, Le Monde, The State of St. Paul, and other European and Latin American journals.

Catalina Pagés Lamas
General Coordinator of the Reading Circles Program
Spanish of Catalonia, settled in Brazil forty years ago, is the founder and general coordinator of the Reading Circles Program. Graduated in psychoanalysis and holding a bachelor's degree in Philosophy from UERJ, she is a member of the department of psychoanalysis at the Sedes Institute.

Margarida Alice Osório Guimarães

From Minas Gerais state, graduated in Psychology from PUC-RJ, holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the BBS Business School.

Maria Aparecida Lamas

Educational coordinator
Master in Applied Linguistics and graduated in Letters by PUC-SP, specialized in Evaluation and Management of Public Policies by FGV-SP. She has been practicing for ten years as a specialist in teacher training and improvement programs and in the preparation of teaching materials.

Aline Vieira de Sousa

Project Supervisor
Graduated in Letters with qualification in Portuguese / French by USP and postgraduate in Social Projects and Public Policies by Centro Universitário Senac-SP. She has experience in NGOs focused on Education and insertion of young people in the labor market.


Jakson Alves
Communication Analyst
Studied journalism at São Judas University and also publicity at FIC. He has advanced knowledge in the Adobe package,  and postgraduate studies in the Department of Letters of USP.


Aldênio Fernandes

Born in Juazeiro do Norte – CE. Is currently graduating in the Pedagogy course at the Regional University of Cariri (URCA). He is a social educator of the Reading Circles Program, one of the leaders of formation and supervision in schools in Ceará.


Arthur Henrique

Graduating in Law at Vale do Acaraú State University - UVA, currently lives in Sobral, Ceará. He is a former social educator of Reading Circles at EEEP Dom Walfrido Teixeira Vieira and today is an intern of the Program.


Chris Bianca Mello

Social educator of the Reading Circles when attending high school, is student of Literature & Languages at the State University of Ceará. She continues to participate in the Fernand Braudel Institute's Educational Program, conducting group formation and movement in schools in the state of Ceará.


Debora Nascimento

Graduating in Literature & Languages from the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp) and former social educator of the Reading Circles Program. Does trainings and follow-up visits of the program in the schools of São Paulo.


Gabriel Souza Basilio

Former social educator of the Reading Circles Program. Currently, he studies Social Communication at Cruzeiro do Sul University (Unicsul). Interested in the areas of Communication, Education and Social Sciences.


Larissa Caroline de Jesus Bento

Born in Caraguatatuba / SP, she is graduating in Literature & Languages from the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp). Her areas of interest are Education and Linguistics. She worked as a young apprentice in the administrative area in her hometown before joining the Fernand Braudel Institute staff.


Natália Cristina Andrade

Natália is currently studying Journalism at the FAM University and is a communication intern at the Fernand Braudel Institute, an area she is very interested in.


Weberty Silveira

Graduating in Computer Science at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Ceará (IFCE), he is a social educator at the Fernand Braudel Institute in Ceará. Conducts training and monitoring the Reading Circles Program in schools in the state of Ceará.