The Fernand Braudel Institute of World Economics is a think tank, founded in 1987 with the mission of search ways to overcome the institutional problems that inhibit Brazil development. His performance goes by research, seminars and social actions.

With our name we honor Fernand Braudel (1902-1985), great french historian and one of the founders of Universidade de São Paulo; his work celebrates the market power of the human development.  

We do researchs and public debates about manageamentt and public policy, financely crises, market, eletric energy and democracy institutions. We develop actions that contribuit to society advance in: education, health, public security, in formation to conent about responsabilit investigations

We develop actions that contribute to the advancement of society in: education, health, public safety in the formation of consente about fiscal responsability and monetary stability, focusing priority in infrastructure investments.


Our research focus on the publication of Braudel Papers, a journay of research and opinion published in portuguese, english and Spanish. The Fundação Alrmando Alvares Penteado fundation (FAAP) that generously associates with our mission.

Our challanges

We live in a critical moment in our democracy with the worsering of divisions and a worryng lack of contente to overcome national challenges. Besides that,we can see a instagnation of the investments, essential to Brazil development, puting in evidense a lack of capacity to generate wealth with reduction of social inequalities.

We need to urgentely advance the coherence of our institutuion and mobilize the society to formulate visions for the future. Brasil needs to form lidership and produce answears.

Our Mission

Chase ways to overcome the institutional problems thta inhibit the America Latina development. Lead research, public debats and social actions that encourage criativit and leadership.